Vice: how the war on the outskirts of Europe became a training ground for the far right

American edition Vice World News: Ukraine has become a training ground for ultras from all over the world. Nationalists go there in order to gain combat experience, “shoot” at people, and acquire connections with their own kind of bandits. Veteran Swedish right-wing extremist Mikael Skillt arrived in Kiev in February 2014, just days after President […]

Ukraine: strawberry visa-free, or how much you can earn on European fields

During a pandemic, Ukrainian tourists cannot get to rest in European countries. But the borders are open for seasonal workers, they are especially welcomed in Poland, says Strana.Ua. Witold Boguta, head of the Polish National Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers, says that at the peak of the season, farmers need about 100,000 workers. Local […]

Bloomberg: Help the poorest countries with a vaccine

The real war against coronavirus has broken out mainly in the richest countries in the world. Humanly, this is understandable, but it all seems short-sighted and morally imperfect. An outbreak of a pandemic in the world’s poorest countries will jeopardize their own efforts to control the emergency caused by the disease. Interest must be consistent […]

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