Expert: “Only vaccinated people should go to the islands”

Professor Nikos Karavelos, Head. the intensive care unit at the Papanikolaou hospital, said that only vaccinated citizens should go to the islands. Continuing his train of thought, he added: “Compulsory vaccination is necessary if we want to stop the 4th wave of the pandemic.” A lot of ideas, extended sessions discussing the current situation, as […]

Zoning: three types of enclosed spaces

Under completely different, “tough” rules, in order to stop the spread of the virus, restaurants and nightclubs in Greece will operate starting from July 16 this year. The new food service rules have been announced along with a mandatory vaccination measure that applies to 17 professions and comes with sanctions for non-compliance. The measures were […]

From July 5, official measures: admission of the vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated

The decision on new emergency measures to protect public health from COVID-19, which will be effective throughout the country from Monday 5 July, is published in the Official Gazette. These measures include the first “bonuses” for the vaccinated and explain where the unvaccinated will need to get tested. The message sent by the government is […]

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