"I feel alive again": first impressions of tourists visiting Greece

Greece has officially opened to tourists in hopes of revitalizing its vital industry hit by the coronavirus pandemic, Reuters writes. After five months of isolation, Greece reopened museums and famous archaeological sites this week, including the Acropolis. “I feel alive again because it has been a very difficult year due to the coronavirus,” Victoria Sanchez, […]

Resumption of TUI cruises to Greece

With the opening of tourism in Greece, TUI Cruises returns after a long absence, with 1,000 first voyages landing at the port of Heraklion. Liner “Mein Schiff 5” departs tomorrow at 9 am on its maiden voyage this season, with directions to Rhodes, Piraeus and Souda (Crete). “This is an exciting moment for both passengers […]

Fat bags on helicopters and yachts cook "the escape" out of town for Easter

While law enforcement officers scrutinized tolls, ports and bus stations to make sure that citizens were staying home without question, individuals, the cream of the crop, turned to private helicopter and yacht rentals for help. They are ready to pay whatever they want to get out of the city, into nature. As an employee of […]

Tourists can’t resist visiting Greece this summer

The most famous and popular travel magazines in Poland, “All Inclusive” and “TRAVELER” by National Geographic, are touting Greece as the ideal travel destination this summer, posting impressive reviews of the country’s holidays. In cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TRAVELER dedicated the entire April issue to Greece, while All Inclusive presents Greece […]

Greeks pack their bags to spend Easter outdoors

The government’s decision not to let the townspeople go to spend “Easter in the countryside” radically changed the plans of the residents, especially those who live in large urban centers. Now they have turned their attention to small trips, within the regional unit, to their place of residence. According to GRTimes, interest, demand and occupancy […]

Greece will equate “Sputnik V” with European vaccines for the entry of tourists from the Russian Federation

Greece recognizes a certificate of vaccination with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which will make it easier for tourists from Russia to travel and summer vacations in the country. During a visit to Moscow, Greece’s Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis assured that the Greek National Vaccination Committee wants to include the Russian vaccine, as the equivalent […]

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