Pandemic "taught" Greeks to the Internet

Every year, the relationship of Greeks with computer technology is constantly improving in all important indicators: Internet connection, time online, mastering gadgets, registering on social networks, mastering e-commerce (shopping, paying bills), as well as the use of new generation mobile phones. The pandemic and forced self-isolation have accelerated this trend, according to the latest Focus […]

Our children on the Internet – is it dangerous to post their photos on social networks

It’s not about provocative pictures, but about ordinary photos that you are in a hurry to share with your friends and acquaintances. The publication offers to get acquainted with the recommendations of experts. Social media without photos is nonsense. The desire of parents to share the latest images of their offspring is quite understandable […]

More internet censorship needed

About how the hearings were held in the US Congress regarding censorship on the Internet and how US Congressmen demanded increased political censorship on social networks. Congress, in a five-hour hearing, demanded even more aggressive Internet censorship from tech executives. The repressive goal of the Democratic-controlled Congress is to hand over power to the police […]

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