UN warns of "hurricane of hunger"

UN Secretary-General António Guterres warns of the threat of a “hurricane of hunger” due to the war in Ukraine. It has already disrupted supply chains and caused a sharp rise in prices – for food, fuel, transport. In a tweet on Saturday, the NATO Secretary General notes that war could cause the collapse of the […]

What do Greeks save on to make ends meet?

More than half of the families (50.9%) reduced their spending on outdoor events (restaurants, cafes, cinemas, etc.) last year. In addition, 45.1% of households spent less on travel, and 43.3% reduced spending on clothing and footwear. These figures are from the 10th annual study. ΓΣΕΒΕΕ on household income and living expenses in 2021. On the […]

European Commission releases 13th extended monitoring report on Greece

Greece has taken all necessary actions to meet specific commitments despite the adverse conditions prevailing due to the pandemic, according to the European Commission’s 13th Intensified Surveillance Report released on Wednesday. The report has been prepared in the context of a strengthened oversight system that serves to provide continued support for Greece’s implementation of its […]

Secret refugee camps on the African continent – what’s happening on the migrant front

Fearing a new crisis associated with illegal immigrants, European countries are beginning to “tighten the screws” as much as possible. And here the arguments about human rights are shyly receding into the background. The summer of 2021, as predicted by experts, caused an extraordinary influx of illegal migrants to Europe. Every day there are reports […]

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