Is it possible to determine the strain of coronavirus by symptoms

Rospotrebnadzor (formerly the Russian Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision) said on its website today that it is impossible to determine the strain of coronavirus by symptoms – it requires decoding of the virus genome in laboratory conditions. TASS quotes the published message: By external signs, it is impossible to determine what exactly a person is infected […]

How to “recognize” an Indian strain

Doctor of Biological Sciences Alexander Buteyko, head of the laboratory of biology at the Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, named in an interview with four main symptoms of the SARS-CoV-2 delta strain of coronavirus. Most often, when infected with the Indian variant of the coronavirus, 4 symptoms appear: a runny nose, severe headache, manifestations from […]

“Gastric covid” – distinctive features

Without coughing and shortness of breath, but with nausea and pain, “gastric covid” proceeds, says the Russian allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok to the “” edition. When the body is affected by this form of coronavirus, the course of the disease can be compared with pancreatitis. Describing the symptoms, the doctor says: “I would put the word“ […]

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