A student from Crete became a world champion

Third-grade student Likyo (Γ’ Λυκείου) from Heraklion (Crete) became the world champion in kickboxing. Happy Gerald, who took the highest step on the world podium in the youth category in kickboxing, proudly says: “Greece gave birth to me. I am Greek.” He lives in the Poros area and, according to the coaches, has a high […]

Tragedy in Drama: how an athlete was killed by lightning

Climbing Mount Falakros turned into a tragedy: one participant died, another was seriously injured, the rest of the athletes were in a state of shock. It is characteristic that Theodoros Athanasiadis, the mayor of the district to which the village of Pyrgos belongs, from where the participants of the climbing race started, describes in newsit.gr: […]

Drama: Athlete dies from lightning strike

The local community of Drama is in shock, there are still a lot of people on the square of the village “Pyrgos” who cannot believe what happened – the athlete was killed by lightning. Climbing competitions on Mount Falakro turned into a tragedy: one athlete died from a lightning strike, another was seriously injured, and […]

The house of a Greek athlete, while he was in Tokyo, was destroyed by a fire element

When athlete Alexandros Papanastasiou, who reached the final with the national team at the Tokyo Olympics, returned to Athens, his family home in the Agia Anna area was engulfed in flames. Three years ago, the transfer of the Greek athlete to the “champion” national team of Croatia was widely discussed. Three months after his move, […]