Non-fictional stories: the Mariupol citizen was left without an eye and a wife, and in a roundabout way he got to Greece, to his daughter

War is ruthless to everyone and to each individual. Among hundreds of thousands of tragic stories, this one takes its special place. Alexander Lukashov – master of the Mariupol metallurgical plant. During the hostilities, a civilian in a seaside town lost an eye, and his face is crossed by two huge scars. But… he survived. […]

Scholz: Putin will have to negotiate with Kyiv

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, after a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, did not notice the slightest change in his mood. Scholz believes, as he noted in an interview t onlinethat the Russian leader has not achieved any of the goals stated at the beginning of the special operation and is suffering heavy losses. […]

Vladimir Putin: We had no other choice

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that a clash with anti-Russian forces in Ukraine was inevitable. He noted that the Russian armed forces, in the course of a special military operation, act courageously, competently, efficiently and effectively, use the most modern types of weapons, reports TASS President’s words during today’s communication with employees of the […]

The Russian prosecutor’s office will “tightly control” the departing foreign companies

In response to the mass exit of foreign companies from Russia, the latter begins to strictly control the fulfillment of their obligations. The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office said in a statement that any attempt by companies leaving Russia to “fail to fulfill their obligations unilaterally” would be “strongly suppressed.” Failure to meet obligations threatens legal […]

"platform of independence" supported the Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Greek political organization “Independence Platform” recognizes the legitimacy of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and calls to support Russia. The political organization recently created in Greece included Greek lawyers and politicians, public figures and journalists representing not very well-known progressive forces. According to one of the members of the organization, writes GreekReporterthis is […]

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