Larisa: barbecue "sent" citizen in intensive care

At noon on Tuesday, May 31, the alarm was sounded by passers-by who found an unconscious elderly man in the center of the city of Larisa. According to the police, an EKAB ambulance arrived at the scene and took the victim to the Larisa General Hospital. Emergency room doctors immediately proceeded with the intubation procedure […]

Sobs over souvlaki

Souvlaki tend to become somewhat of a luxury as their price approaches 4 euros. Gone are the days when the Greeks’ favorite “street food”, traditional souvlaki, was one of the fastest and at the same time cheap dishes. The increase in prices for raw materials “hit” your favorite food and not only, the newspaper writes. […]

Shock: the price of souvlaki jumped sharply

The scale of the rapid rise in prices in all aspects of our daily economic life is now truly dramatic. The “tsunami” of inflation hit the fast food of Thessaloniki. Barbecue and psitopolio (souvlach) houses, one after another, are forced to raise prices for their products. The famous city eateries that sell souvlaki (gyros) in […]

Lived: two men had a fight over suvlaki

A scuffle between a souvlaki seller and an elderly buyer, who fought over “irreconcilable differences” over a portion of barbecue, ended in court proceedings. It all started when the 54-year-old owner and seller of the kebab shop asked the 71-year-old buyer to pay for the souvlaki the moment he received the serving, not after eating […]

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