Superprofits of Greek energy producers were estimated at 600 million euros according to the results of a semi-annual audit

According to an audit report, the Hellenic Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE) estimated the excess profits of electricity producers and suppliers in the country at 600 million euros. Previously Prime Minister announced that superprofit will be taxed at 90% as a measure to return inflated prices to consumers. The RAE audit covered the entire period from […]

Taxes 2022 in Greece: What to Expect

New real estate tax with “objective assessment”, leapfrog with taxes and fees, changes in electronic receipts, tax increases and cuts and … cash prizes for “good taxpayers.” In 2022, private sector employees will continue to receive an increase in their monthly salaries due to the suspension of special solidarity contributions and the extension of the […]

Tax relief

Greek families, in addition to standard taxes, pay an additional € 1.5 billion out of their own pockets for their children’s primary and secondary education, or 0.85% of GDP. Taxpayers “took a deep breath” from the measures taken last year, which significantly reduced taxes and insurance premiums paid in previous years. In particular, the reduction […]

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