Stores will not open in Thessaloniki, Achaea and Kozani

As decided last night, Thessaloniki, Achaia and Kozani were finally exempted from the central directive to restart retail from Monday across the country. The decisions for these regions were taken by the government at the suggestion of an expert committee and based on epidemiological data over the past few days, which showed an alarming increase […]

Georgiadis: stores will close again if measures are not followed

Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis announced the upcoming retail opening from April 5, stressing that if the protection measures against coronavirus are not followed, the government’s decision will be canceled. “I am absolutely sure that the world of business and commerce will thoroughly follow the measures, since it is in their interests,” the minister […]

Shopping trip limit: 2 km to supermarkets, 3 hours to manufactured goods stores

Secretary General for Trade and Consumer Protection Panagiotis Stampoulidis announced today that the retail trade will open from Monday 5 April. With regard to the shopping process, it is noted that citizens must first make an appointment to make a visit to the store and receive a confirmation message from the outlet. In this case, […]

Mandatory individual tests for opening schools and the trade market

The free distribution of self-assessment tests will begin in early April, with each citizen being eligible for one test per week. A weekly rapid coronavirus test will be required for retailers, shops, restaurants, tourism and judicial authorities, as well as teachers and students, according to Free individual self-tests will appear in pharmacies in early […]

Experts sound the alarm: an increase in the number of infected has led to the postponement of the opening of trade

The coronavirus pandemic continues to rage. According to experts, today more than 3,500 infected are expected to be reported. Earlier, EODY President Panayotis Arkumaneas, speaking in front of the ERT camera during a visit to Archbishop Jerome, said that there will be a large increase in cases today compared to previous days. The Primate of […]

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