Postcoid depression occurs in 40% of those who have recovered

Russian expert Natalia Petrova, Professor, Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology, Faculty of Medicine of St. Petersburg State University, member of the Executive Committee of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists, talks about the peculiarities of depression in patients who have had coronavirus. Speaking on September 24 at the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference […]

Putin went into self-isolation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he is going into self-isolation. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov clarified the situation. He said that this forced measure is due to the fact that several people around the president have been diagnosed with coronavirus. Putin himself is absolutely healthy, which was confirmed by the […]

Study: a year to live in a pandemic, what the Greeks say

Sociologists undertook to investigate such a phenomenon as a pandemic, trying to answer the question of how humanity lives with this scourge. A new study “διαΝΕΟσις” records changes in citizens’ attitudes towards the crisis and the impact of the pandemic on their lives a year later. The study is called “Ένας Χρόνος Πανδημία: Πώς Ζουν […]

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