Thessaloniki: Aristotle arrests those responsible for exorcism

Those arrested yesterday for exorcism in Thessaloniki are expected to appear before the prosecutor on Sunday. The “Church of Nations” sect (“Εκκλησίας των Εθνών”) is located near the airport “Macedonia”, in the former entertainment center “Neraida”. Law enforcement officers went there on Saturday after numerous complaints from citizens and the intervention of the prosecutor. As […]

“Exorcisms” in Thessaloniki? "Stay away!" says the Greek Church

The Nigerian-born sect organized in Thessaloniki’s central Aristotle Square, admittedly a “unique” event in Greece: open-air “exorcisms”. The “exorcism of the devil” was shown on the big screen, and a crowd of people watched with curiosity the new … transcendental experience. The exorcisms were also conducted in English so that the tourists could understand. Alarmed […]