New Gregory’s store opens in Rettlingen, Germany

German and Greek consumers enthusiastically welcomed the opening of Gregory’s store in Röttlingen (Germany). This is the sixth Gregory’s (Γρηγόρης) store in the country – after Berlin and Nuremberg, he came to the inhabitants of the picturesque town of Rettlingen. The new establishment is located on the pedestrian street of the city shopping center. Visitors […]

Legendary "Minion" put on a festive outfit again

Two days before Christmas, the building that housed the historic MINION department store shone again, creating a festive atmosphere in this extremely vibrant area of ​​Athens, near Omonia Square. Athens Mayor Kostas Bakogiannis and President and CEO of Dimand development company Dimitris Andriopoulos have illuminated the former department store with floodlights, giving it the status […]