Suspended ceiling collapsed at school

20 pupils of the 6th grade of the 4th elementary school in Pileia (Thessaloniki) were miraculously saved. The suspended ceiling in the classroom collapsed right on the desks shortly before the end of class. According to the local website, during the incident, the children were in the classroom as usual, but the teacher, noticing […]

A girl with Asperger’s syndrome was admitted to school after the intervention of a famous basketball player

Remarkable is the story of a schoolgirl who was refused admission to a music school in the Alimos district, because “all the seats were occupied.” The 13-year-old girl, as her family moved to another area, reportedly requested a transfer from the Bartholomew Music School (Μουσικό Σχολείο Βαρθολομιού), where she successfully passed the exams, to a […]

The steps were turned into books

Pupils creatively used their free hours, when they were not attending school, in order to improve their educational institution. The result of a non-standard approach and love for his educational institution, the 57th general secondary school of Athens, the steps of which the students “decorated” metaphorically and literally, is impressive! In their free time from […]

Russia: brutal shooting at the Kazan school. The deaths of eight people have been confirmed to date. (The news is supplemented)

This morning an armed attack was carried out on the Kazan school No. 175. The shooting took the lives of a teacher and 8 schoolchildren. According to some reports, 11 people were killed, TASS reports. The head of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, announced the seven dead pupils of the 8th grade and the teacher. NAC, the […]

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