Gazprom: “Athens deceives us and resells Russian gas to Bulgaria”

Russia is ready completely cut off the supply of natural gas to Greecebecause, according to sources in Gazprom, Greece violates Russian gas embargo on Bulgaria by reselling Russian gas it imports from Turkish Stream in… Sofia. According to Gazprom: “The contempt shown by Athens for the decree signed by President B. Putin cannot go unanswered. […]

Orban on anti-Russian sanctions: "The EU shot itself in the lungs – admit that you were wrong”

EU “shot himself in the lungs” with ill-conceived economic sanctions against Russia, which, if not lifted, could destroy the European economy, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said today. Natural gas supplies to Europe have been limited and fuel prices have skyrocketed following anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the EU and the US. Especially with regard to […]

Financial Times: Using Russian assets to restore Ukraine will not be easy

Volodymyr Zelensky called for the use of frozen Russian assets for the restoration of Ukraine, writes the Financial Times, but legally this is not easy, if not impossible. Adherents of Western values ​​are scratching their heads in search of a “legitimate” way to spend the reserves stolen from Russia. Western leaders have yet to find […]

Energy Minister: Greece can cope with a possible cessation of gas supplies from Russia

Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas said on Monday that Greece can handle a possible cut in natural gas supplies from Russia. He stressed that Greece “faces one of the lowest risks in Europe in terms of supply adequacy, subject to the availability of liquefied natural gas (LNG).” However, “we are systematically preparing to ensure […]

New “Kaliningrad” in the Arctic: Norwegians block Russian settlements, Moscow warns of war

A crisis between Russia and Norway and, as a result, with NATO is brewing in the Svalbard archipelago after Norway blocked access to the Russian settlements of Berentsburg and Pyramida located beyond the Arctic Circle. “The Russian mining company Artikugol is not allowed to transport goods to Svalbard through mainland Norway – the Storskog checkpoint […]

The US is tacitly encouraging the purchase of Russian fertilizers, Bloomberg reports.

A paradoxical situation has arisen: EU and the United States introduced relief on the purchase of fertilizers from Russia, because it is impossible to do without this product, the largest supplier of which is Moscow. But many shippers, banks and insurers are holding back from trading for fear they might inadvertently break sanctions rules. As […]