Greek government mulls new bailout plan amid growing dissatisfaction with energy prices

Alarmed by public backlash over energy prices and the rising cost of living, the New Democracy government is promising to develop a new national support plan to benefit households and businesses. It is expected to be implemented in June. The national plan will be horizontal, will set electricity prices at last year’s level and will […]

A new gift from the government to pensioners, beneficiaries and the disabled

The government is determined to continue supporting citizens in order to counter the wave of inflation that hit the heads of citizens. The prices of all basic foodstuffs have risen. For this reason, according to the publication Dnewssince April 11, the government is thinking about repeating the issuance of one-time assistance to the same beneficiaries […]

Greeks had to "tighten your belts"

The highest inflation in 27 years “looked around” in Greece, not even intending to change the trajectory of movement. In March 2022, it confidently reached a 27-year high. In April, the situation continues to worsen. Greek pensioner Maria Tsivita says: “What can I say about the prices? Can’t you see for yourself? A mess! I […]

Alexis Tsipras: society needs measures for resurrection, not crucifixion

Speaking to the electorate, Alexis Tsipras, leader of the opposition SYRIZA-PS, said that “the salary is not enough even to pay electricity bills and two trips to the supermarket, so it needs to be increased to 800 euros.” Greek society needs resurrection measures, not crucifixion measures. “Greek society requires breath and perspective,” said Alexis Tsipras, […]

Bread price hike expected

Consumers should be prepared for a new “collapse” in the prices of bread, pasta and other staples until at least early 2023. According to experts, this is the impact of the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine. At the same time, the two largest exporters account for almost 30% of world wheat exports. According to […]