Staikuras: Electricity discount doubled, heating surcharge increased

Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikuras announced new measures to support the population in connection with the sharp rise in electricity and energy prices for households and businesses. “Rising commodity prices pose a threat to the recovery, especially the rise in energy prices, which is an energy crisis. European crisis, but also temporary. But an acute […]

The rise in prices leaves no hope for "bright future"

The consequences of the global energy crisis hit the pockets of the people of Greece. There is an increase in prices for essential goods. The energy crisis, according to experts, will significantly burden the family budget, as the coming winter is expected to be especially difficult for consumers. Prices for basic products have already begun […]

Greece: Inflation Reaches A Nine Year Peak

The consumer price index in August recorded an increase of 1.9% on an annualized basis, while it is expected to increase further. The Greek Statistical Office (ELSTAT) announced Friday that Greece’s CPI rose in August to its highest level since April 2012, rising for the fourth straight month to reach 1.9% / month. Its growth […]

Increase in prices for essential goods by 10-15%

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis advised citizens to remain calm in his speech on ERT1, keeping in mind the expected wave of price increases: “Since the global price increase for everything and everyone, from electricity tariffs to raw materials, will ultimately increase the total cost of goods and products. This is a phenomenon faced by all […]

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