Air passenger rights: if a flight is canceled at a European airport

This summer, many European airports are operating with annoying failures, this should be recognized as a reality. What to do if the flight is cancelled? The reasons for disruptions in the work of airports are strikes of flight crews, loaders, security services, technical problems, lack of personnel, technical problems. But the passengers suffering from it […]

Deutsche Welle: the life of Russian soldiers in Ukrainian captivity

Soldiers from Russia who were captured in Ukraine are kept in pre-trial detention centers and prisons. How their rights are respected, the correspondent of Deutsche Welle, who managed to communicate with them, understood. Russian prisoners of war are provided with everything necessary – food, walks, books. For obvious reasons, the correspondent does not say exactly […]

Amnesty International calls for respect for the rights of prisoners of war

The international human rights organization Amnesty International is seriously concerned about the fate of the defenders of Azovstal and calls on Russia to act in accordance with the Geneva Conventions. In a statement from the Deputy Director Amnesty International in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Denis Krivosheev says (verbatim): “In defending Mariupol, the Ukrainian military […]

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