How much does it cost to relax in a European resort

The removal of covid restrictions did not help restore the flow of tourists from Russia – difficulties with air travel and bank cards interfere. Experts told what tours to European resorts cost Russians. Holidays in European countries are available for Russians without previously constraining entry restrictions due to the coronavirus. But other problems have replaced […]

Nikos Karavelos: Never Say Never

Nikos Karavelos, head of the Papanikolaou intensive care unit, warns: “We are heading for tragedy.” On the background yesterday’s summary on the spread of coronavirus, which reported 7,287 new cases and 105 deaths in the last 24 hours, Mr. Karavelos warns of the danger, commenting on the situation: “We are heading for tragedy. We are […]

The “Tourism for All” platform is open: what “holiday packages” the program offers

On Monday, July 5, an electronic platform for the Tourism for All Holiday Subsidy Program, implemented by the Ministry of Tourism, was launched. Citizens can apply for participation in the electronic application through the Single Digital Portal of Public Administration from 07/05/2021 to 07/09/2021. The application procedure is as follows: 07/05/2021 for VAT numbers […]

How to spend your weekend: vacation prices

Islands that can be reached by ferry or by road, such as Lefkada, as well as the coastal areas of mainland Greece, are of interest to the Greeks for “mini-getaways” on weekends after a long period of quarantine. According to a survey by Panhellenic Real Estate Network E-Real Estates, the need for outdoor recreation outside […]