Directory "Greek Public Services"

Athens News has opened a new section in our Service catalog : “Public Services of Greece”. In this catalog you will find information about the digital services provided by the public services website, and information about other government and non-government services. You can enter the section through the menu item “Catalogue of services / […]

MyHealth app: more than 300 citizens received medical certificates in one day in one click

More than 300 citizens have visited the new myHealth e-service from the first day of its operation to receive digital medical certificates. “This is an opportunity that, together with a number of other actions, will lead to the next phase in healthcare for the benefit of citizens,” said Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris. For his […]

Greece: health certificate online

To obtain a health certificate, you no longer need to spend time visiting a doctor – the Greek authorities suggest doing this online. The new digital healthcare service is sure to appeal to those looking to sign up for a gym or pool – they require a health certificate, and bureaucratic delays previously took a […]