Afghan refugee raped his underage daughters

A 31-year-old Afghan “political refugee” who illegally entered Greece with his two daughters, aged 11 and 5, and settled in a “migrant accommodation center” in Thebes, raped them daily in the presence of his wife, Greek police said. According to the Prosecutor’s Office of Thebes, Afghan citizen Karimi Ajijan was prosecuted for aggravated rape of […]

DSA: “Criminal populists are those who say that D. Ligandis is a rapist”

The Board of Directors of the Athens Bar Association (DSA), following public statements and reactions following the release of Dimitris Lygnadis, characterizes those who claim to be a rapist as “criminal populists”. “The public attitude to justice, as it is subjectively perceived, cannot predetermine the outcome of a judicial crisis, apart from the legality underlying […]

The minister and his deputy fled the festival because the participants raised banners against the release of Ligandis

On Saturday evening, shortly before the start of the second performance of Aeschylus’ “Persians” in the ancient theater of Epidaurus, a protest was held against the decision to suspend the execution of the sentence of pedophile and rapist Dimitris Lignadis. The Ministry of Culture and Sports, led by Lina Mendoni, issued a disappointing statement over […]