Mystery of the royal testament

The will of Elizabeth II will be kept in a secret place for 90 years. This practice dates back to 1910 – the statement of the last will of the deceased members of the royal family is sealed and placed in a safe for almost a century. As writes Reuters, the first was Prince Francis […]

“Don’t say gop”

On August 6, the Crimean Platform summit was launched in Kiev by the constituent forum of the expert network. And the first political statements have already gone … from real organizers. For example, US Charge d’Affaires in Ukraine Christina Queen said that Russia should be held accountable for Crimea: “Russia seeks to use its illegal […]

Queen Sofia of Spain on Leros

Queen Sofia of Spain is in Greece today on an official visit, intending to visit the islands of Leros and Lipsi. Accompanied by the Spanish consul in Greece, the dignitary visited the island of Leros, where she was warmly welcomed by the mayor and representatives of the municipal authorities. The Queen of Spain was received […]