Suspended ceiling collapsed at school

20 pupils of the 6th grade of the 4th elementary school in Pileia (Thessaloniki) were miraculously saved. The suspended ceiling in the classroom collapsed right on the desks shortly before the end of class. According to the local website, during the incident, the children were in the classroom as usual, but the teacher, noticing […]

Vaccination opponents file a lawsuit against teachers

Anti-Vax parents are furious and attack teachers, who require students to wear masks and self-assess as required by law. Some anti-vaccinators have gone so far as to file lawsuits against teachers for “organizing a criminal organization, treason and torture.” Parents of kindergarten and primary school children in Pyrgos in the southern Peloponnese have filed lawsuits […]

The steps were turned into books

Pupils creatively used their free hours, when they were not attending school, in order to improve their educational institution. The result of a non-standard approach and love for his educational institution, the 57th general secondary school of Athens, the steps of which the students “decorated” metaphorically and literally, is impressive! In their free time from […]