They were looking for treasure, but ended up in the police

Two ambitious adventurers, ardent followers of Indiana Jones, arrived in Grevena in search of gold, but ended up in the detention center of the local police department. Two treasure hunters were detained by the police authorities. The gold hunters were fully equipped with various tools for the relevant prospecting work and auxiliary tools for digging […]

“The Acropolis will throw off the concrete shackles” – our April Fools’ joke

Our publication “The Acropolis Will Throw Off Concrete Shackles” is an April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately, the topic turned out to be too painful, and during the pandemic, you, our readers, stopped understanding humor. Therefore, judging by the comments, no one appreciated our drawing. Recall, the publication said that due to the fact that the concreting […]

The Acropolis will throw off the concrete shackles

The ambitious project to restore the Parthenon and the Sacred Rock Acropolis, as the Greeks call it, has sparked a wave of protest among the Greek public. The disaffected are outraged by the methods used by the restorers, in particular, the use of thousands of tons of concrete to strengthen marble columns and cement footpaths. […]

Arrest of black archaeologists

Two local residents, accused of violating legislation on the protection of antiquities and cultural heritage in general, were arrested yesterday afternoon in the area of ​​the municipality of Festos by officers of the Messara Police Department in Heraklion. During the search, 12 coins of different eras were found and seized from those arrested, i.e. items […]

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