Hackers stole NATO secrets in Portugal

According to the Diario de Noticias newspaper, hundreds of classified documents sent by NATO to Portugal were discovered for sale on the dark web after a cyberattack on the country’s military headquarters and army intelligence service. This is the second incident in a few days since earlier The BBC has reported that NATO is investigating […]

Spain and Portugal are among the countries not recommended for vacation

France calls on its citizens to abandon holidays in Portugal and Spain, where the epidemiological situation has worsened. So far, this is only a recommendation, but the authorities do not rule out that they may impose travel restrictions. These countries of the Pyrenean Peninsula have fallen out of favor, according to Euronews, due to the […]

Portugal: problems of labor migrants

Slavery is rampant on Portuguese farms, and the coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating the problem, RTP reports. In the course of the investigation into the human trafficking case, the Portuguese police arrived with a check on a farm in the province of Alentejo and found there more than fifty illegal immigrants living in inhuman conditions. The […]