The census fiasco in Greece

The results of the general national census have not yet been announced, as the process was thwarted on the basis of “inaccurate data”. The accounting process that took place at the end of 2021 seems to have ended in an absolute fiasco on a “state scale”. April is just around the corner, and the results […]

The population census is over: what to do if you have not received a personal code for filling out the questionnaire

The extension provided by the national statistical office ELSTAT for the 2021 electronic census process, which was originally scheduled for completion on November 26, expires today. According to the latest information, there will be no additional renewal. What will happen to those who were not counted? Citizens who, for any reason, cannot register electronically before […]

Extension of the planned population census

The 2021 census is expected to be extended until early December, according to reports from ELSTAT President Thanos Thanopoulos. Regarding the observed delays in the implementation of the event, the official said that the problem is that there is not enough staff to make home visits to those who cannot electronically “check in”. “In the […]

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