Anarchists publish data on 21 police officers related to violence and torture

The anarchists’ website has published data on 21 police officers, most of whom are trade unionists from Thessaloniki, who, according to the anarchists, are involved in personal violence cases. The provocative statement was signed by the “Organization of Anarchist Action” group. In their text, the anarchists, among other things, declare that “from today we begin […]

Police officers kept girls in sexual slavery

New revelations in the “trafficking in persons” case have been published in the Greek media. Another girl was released, in addition to the 19-year-old, who was exploited by a police officer, forcing her to take drugs and engage in prostitution. The effect of the exploding “bomb” was produced by the speech of the lawyer of […]

To beat or not to beat?

In an era when almost every passerby has a mobile phone with a camera, and the population has access to any social network, it is hard to expect that the next video will not be posted on the Internet at some point. There is not a single chance in a thousand. In this material, we […]

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