How the Parthenon was made a Christian church

The most prominent symbol of Western civilization, the Parthenon, was converted into a Christian church for nearly a millennium, from AD 500 to 1450. Originally built in 432 BC. in honor of Athena Parthenos, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, the magnificent temple has undergone several changes. In 500 AD, when Christianity was established […]

“The Acropolis will throw off the concrete shackles” – our April Fools’ joke

Our publication “The Acropolis Will Throw Off Concrete Shackles” is an April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately, the topic turned out to be too painful, and during the pandemic, you, our readers, stopped understanding humor. Therefore, judging by the comments, no one appreciated our drawing. Recall, the publication said that due to the fact that the concreting […]

The Acropolis will throw off the concrete shackles

The ambitious project to restore the Parthenon and the Sacred Rock Acropolis, as the Greeks call it, has sparked a wave of protest among the Greek public. The disaffected are outraged by the methods used by the restorers, in particular, the use of thousands of tons of concrete to strengthen marble columns and cement footpaths. […]

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