"Smile, you’re being filmed"… (video)

Eighty-year-old parrot Mike lives in Crete, loves tzatziki and does not like people in black clothes. In fact, his age is even more “respectful” – he is 88 years old, of which he lived with Stefanos Dimelas for 22 years. They are reverent and tender towards each other – Mike did not hesitate to kiss […]

Angela Merkel: a painful farewell to a parrot

Angela Merkel visited the Marlow Bird Park on Thursday, during her visit to her constituency of Mecklenburg-Pomerania. Posing with birds in her arms, Merkel cheerfully fed the parrots, but one of them preferred the chancellor’s hand to bird food. Merkel made a farewell tour of her constituency to support her presidential candidate Georg Gooder. In […]