Balkan gossip: Turkish NGOs support militants and terrorists

Telegram channel “Balkan gossip girl” touched upon an extremely interesting topic – the use of NGOs from third countries to support military, sabotage and terrorist actions. And this applies not only to informational or diplomatic support (as in the case of Memorial in the Chechen wars). In the Balkans, for example, the Turkish charitable foundation […]

Who is behind the reports of human rights defenders about the harsh treatment of illegal migrants?

In early October, a number of Western media appeared messages O rude treatment of migrants recorded at the borders of several EU countries. The reaction of Brussels was not long in coming: European Commissioner for Internal Affairs of the EU Ilva Johansson called on the authorities of Greece, Romania and Croatia to investigate the incidents […]

Greece: new law and fines for NGOs

Without the permission of the Greek Coast Guard, NGOs are not allowed to rescue immigrants with the help of private boat owners – this is the main message of the new law passed by the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum. Violators face severe fines. The law establishes strict criteria for the participation of non-governmental organizations […]

NGOs "Mare liberum" accuses Greece of returning asylum seekers to Turkey

From March to December alone, in 321 cases, 9,798 people were forcibly returned to Turkey and thus denied the right to seek asylum, according to the non-governmental organization Mare Liberum.   The NGO Mare Liberum has issued a strong condemnation of Greece after the Greek coast guard turned around 300 border trespassers escorted by Turkish […]

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