Consequences of “light” coronavirus

Mild forms of coronavirus are often fraught with serious consequences – they provoke inflammation of the brain. This conclusion was reached by scientists at Tulane University (USA), who conducted a large-scale study on monkeys. According to them, COVID-19 can provoke the appearance of a large number of inflammatory foci and hemorrhages. Writes about it BB.LVreferring […]

The main danger of the omicron, and who is best protected from it

The Russian virologist called the “flip side” the absence of symptoms when infected with “omicron”. Alexey Agranovsky, professor of the Department of Virology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, told in an interview radio Sputnik that the asymptomatic course of the coronavirus poses a great danger: “The Omicron-strain of the coronavirus is a completely new […]

Asymptomatic coronavirus: 5 signs of a previous illness

It is known that approximately 40% of people, according to an expert in infectious diseases, professor at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee William Schaffner, carry Covid-19 “on their feet” without experiencing characteristic symptoms. How to determine if a winter cold was a coronavirus or if it went completely unnoticed? Lead researcher at Johns Hopkins University Dr. […]

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