A cloud of African dust will cover Greece this weekend

ERT meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu is warning Greeks of “particularly intense African dust transport this weekend”, which he says “requires special attention”. The latest available data indicate that the highest concentrations of dust across most of the country will be recorded in the west, center and south on Saturday, and in the north, east and south […]

The earth opened up and swallowed up the houses: horror in Nea Wutza

Residents of three small apartment buildings in eastern Attica have been evacuated as buildings have sunk nearly 3 meters into the ground due to subsidence following heavy rains. According to the state broadcaster ERT, the three buildings are located next to each other and were built on the banks of a stream in the village […]

Tornado on the island of Skiathos: impressive video

On the island of Skiathos, eyewitnesses observed a unique natural phenomenon – a waterspout. Impressive is a rare phenomenon, filmed and posted on Facebook on the page “Weather Forecast in Greece”. In the footage, you can see how a water tornado moves through the snowy expanses of the island. The presented photographs show the port […]

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