Glyka Nera: fingerprints will help find cruel robbers

Greek law enforcement appears to be close to identifying at least one of the three malefactors who committed the brutal murder in the Glyka Nera robbery. According to the information, police experts identified the killer’s DNA, as he left biomaterial on the clothes of the 20-year-old young mother he killed. The genetic material collected in […]

In Zakynthos, the mafia shot a businessman

On Friday, May 7, on the island of Zakynthos, a 54-year-old businessman was shot at point-blank from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The man died on the spot. The second attempt by the mafia hitmen was successful. Last year, he was shot several times, but he was able to survive, however, his wife died. The murder […]

Arrest warrant issued for “wrong” version of the murder of Georgios Karaivaz

An arrest warrant (autoforo) was issued against the well-known Greek journalist Stefanos Chios for “spreading fake news” about murder crime journalist Georgios Karaivaz. Stefanos Chios, publisher of the Makeleio newspaper, said in a front page article that he had received evidence that Greek government officials were involved in the murder of Karaivaz. Following the publication […]

Shock: in the hospital, one patient turned off oxygen to another

Yesterday’s death of a 76-year-old man, a patient at the Erifros Stavros hospital, has raised questions from forensic experts, the answers to which are shocking. During the investigation into the death of the hospitalized person, it was discovered that he was killed by a 60-year-old hospital patient who was in the same room with him. […]

Cyparissia: Video of the moment of cold-blooded murder (+16)

The video captures the moment of the cold-blooded murder in Cyparissia. A 72-year-old man walks into a mobile phone store, revolver in hand, walks behind a counter, and shoots a 39-year-old store employee. The Greek TV channel MEGA, published a video from the store’s surveillance camera, which shows the moment of the cold-blooded murder of […]

Details of the shocking murder for … remark

A 72-year-old man took the life of a 39-year-old young father for the usual remark. The documentary video talks about cold-blooded murder of a store employee in Kyparissia. Residents of Kyparissia are shocked by the cold-blooded murder of a 39-year-old shop owner by a 72-year-old pensioner. The main newscast of the ALFA TV channel featured […]

Killed for … the remark made to him

It is difficult to say whether the coronavirus is to blame, but the citizens are clearly “going crazy.” It happens that it is difficult to explain by coincidence of circumstances or mental illness. There was a murder. The inhabitants of Cypressia are in shock. A perfectly normal elderly city dweller cold-bloodedly shot the store owner […]