Four contract killings in a month

Four contract killings in less than a month in Greece, some of which occurred in broad daylight. This is too much of an insult for the Greek police to get away with a simple statement of the settling of accounts between criminals. Less than 10 days have passed since the Minister of Citizens’ Protection crossed […]

Details of today’s murder: who was shot in Vari

On Monday morning, the Greek boxer Thassos Berdesis, winner of the Survival Secret, was shot. He was heading to a boxing club. As it became known, a black jeep drove up to Thassos Berdesis, and one of the passengers fired a fatal shot. The authorities attribute the incident to the settling of scores. The boxer […]

Second murder in a day in the Greek capital

Less than a day has passed since the murder in a cafe in Sepolia, in the center of Athens, and the entire police have been raised again – in Vari, right in the middle of the street, a Greek boxer was allegedly killed. According to SKAI, the man who received gunshot wounds to the head […]

Glyka Nera: fingerprints will help find cruel robbers

Greek law enforcement appears to be close to identifying at least one of the three malefactors who committed the brutal murder in the Glyka Nera robbery. According to the information, police experts identified the killer’s DNA, as he left biomaterial on the clothes of the 20-year-old young mother he killed. The genetic material collected in […]

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