How many people are fighting in Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky revealed in an interview with journalists the number of defenders of the country: today there are 700,000 of them: “Today it is 700 thousand – here you see the result of the work of 700 thousand warring people. 700 thousand. This is at the time of the war.” The President […]

Germany investigates possible war crimes in Ukraine

According to German Justice Minister Marco Buschman, an investigation into possible war crimes in Ukraine has been launched in Germany. Attorney General at the German Supreme Court Peter Frank is collecting relevant evidence, writes Deutsche Welle. On the evening of April 23, he said on the air of the public-legal TV channel Phoenix: “The structural […]

"platform of independence" supported the Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Greek political organization “Independence Platform” recognizes the legitimacy of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and calls to support Russia. The political organization recently created in Greece included Greek lawyers and politicians, public figures and journalists representing not very well-known progressive forces. According to one of the members of the organization, writes GreekReporterthis is […]

“DNR” and “LNR” are recognized by Russia within the boundaries enshrined in their constitutions

At yesterday’s press conference after meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Russian President Vladimir Putin explained about the borders of the DPR and LPR recognized by Russia: “To what extent will we recognize these republics? We have recognized them, which means that we have recognized all their fundamental documents, including the constitution. And the constitution […]

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