KKE: New agreement on military bases is a dangerous link in the country’s involvement in US military plans

The Greek Communist Party issued an appeal in which the “Greek-American defense agreement” is called offensive and conducive to “drawing our country into the military plans of the United States and NATO in the wider region.” In his statement on the modification of the “Greek-American defense agreement” and on the statements of the Minister of […]

KKE: this anti-labor law will remain on paper!

The Communist Party of Greece spoke out harshly against the adopted on June 17 labor reform law… And if some provisions, mainly those concerning the inclusion of directives and conventions of the International Labor Office, received the approval of SYRIZA, ΚΙΝΑΛ, MERA25 and Ελληνική Λύση, then the KKE voted against the principle, articles and the […]

Athens: thousands of people protested outside the walls of the embassies of Israel and the United States

Thousands of people responded to the call of the Greek Committee for Peace and Disarmament (EEDIA), trade unions, mass organizations and on Sunday, May 16, they held a protest in front of the Ministry of Defense, and then took part in a large demonstration outside the walls of the Israeli and US embassies. The protesters […]