Tragedy: woman who jumped off Corinthian bridge dies

Tragically ended the life of an elderly woman who fell at noon on Thursday, 25/08, from the bridge across the Strait of Corinth (γέφυρα του Ισθμού της Κορίνθου). The information indicates that the elderly woman, most likely, decided to commit suicide in this way. Coast guards retrieved her dead from the sea area of ​​the […]

Suicide Bridge: An investigation into the death of a man who allegedly jumped into the sea

For the second day now, the Central Port Authority of Patras is investigating a citizen jumping into the water from the Rio Antirrio bridge. The man allegedly threw himself from the Rio Antririo bridge at noon on Thursday 28 April. Despite a large mobilization of rescuers and police, no traces could be found. According to […]