Athens is a magnet for foreign real estate investors

Apartments in central Europe are among the least profitable investments, while the Mediterranean is at the top of preferences. According to ProfitLevel research, Athens is the second best market in Europe for real estate investment. Specifically, in the Greek capital, it takes 17.6 years for a return on investment in an apartment bought for rent […]

Amazon is now in Greece

According to Amazon on Twitter, “new local zones” will open in more than 30 major cities around the world, including Athens. The message emphasizes that “local zones, strategically located in large metropolitan areas, allow end users to immediately launch popular programs.” “We will be launching over 30 new Amazon Web Services (AWS) on-premises zones in […]

Pfizer Announces Investment in Digital Innovation and Business Services in Thessaloniki

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Pfizer CEO Albert Burla opened two companies owned by the infamous Pfizer in Thessaloniki on Tuesday. These are the Global Center for Digital Innovation and the Global Center for Business Operations and Services. The investment from an international pharmaceutical corporation, fabulously wealthy from the coronavirus, will amount to 650 million […]

WHO report "Mental Health Atlas" against the backdrop of a pandemic

The World Health Organization has recognized the mental health situation in the world as a “global failure”. WHO considers government efforts to develop mental health services to be completely inadequate and calls for increased investment in this area, according to a report from the Atlas of Mental Health. Research by WHO experts has shown conclusively […]

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