Coronavirus: US intelligence agencies cannot come to a consensus

Natural or Laboratory Leak? US intelligence officials are divided over the “source” of Covid-19, as can be seen from the declassified report. According to the document, the question of China’s fault in the spread of the coronavirus remains open. However, it is noted that SARS-CoV-2 was not developed as a “biological weapon”. Before the outbreak […]

Facebook in the battle against vaccine fakes

More than 300 accounts from Russia were deleted by Facebook for spreading fakes about Western vaccines. Anti-vaccine content sometimes contained just “fabulous” information, for example, about turning into a monkey after being vaccinated. As specified, 65 Facebook accounts and 243 Instagram accounts were deleted. The well-organized network used a variety of platforms, and the information […]

USA: American diplomats in Austria break out in rash

The term “Havana syndrome” has become relevant again. Only in the period after Joe Biden came to power, since January this year, 20 cases of incomprehensible ailment have been recorded among American diplomats and intelligence officers in Vienna. At least twenty employees of the American embassy in the Austrian capital complained of dizziness, hearing problems, […]

“Unsweetened” life and untimely death of 11-year-old Joanna

The deceased 11-year-old Ioanna was buried, and EL.AS. continues to search for the missing phone and jacket of the girl who has so unfairly lost her life. In the course of the investigation, her death raises more and more questions. According to the latest reports, Joanna left home that evening after a quarrel with her […]

The head of “Belavia” called the sanctions of the West “vile”

Igor Cherginets, the general director of Belavia, claims that the West behaved simply meanly, imposing restrictions on flights of the company’s aircraft in the absence of an international investigation into the incident with the Ryanair aircraft. According to Radio Sputnik, the official says the airline has nothing to do with the incident. In the International […]

Corpses of coronavirus victims in the Ganges – Air Force investigation

India’s sacred river Ganges is overflowing with COVID-19 victims. Russian Athens also wrote about this, causing controversial comments from readers. What is really going on in a country experiencing the onslaught of the second devastating wave of the pandemic? BBC journalists understood the situation, and this is what they managed to find out. Impartial facts. […]

The murder of a journalist: what was learned during the investigation

Journalist Giorgi Karaivaz received nine fatal bullets, according to an expert report prepared by Stavrula Papadodima, a professor at the School of Medicine. He had no chance of surviving. The investigation is in full swing, all possible resources are being used to clarify the circumstances of the case as soon as possible. According to investigations, […]

Video footage obtained during the investigation into the murder of Giorgi Karaivaz

Police officers of the Attica security department, investigating the circumstances of the murder of journalist Giorgi Karaivaz, received data from CCTV cameras, Alpha reports. At 15:00 on Sunday, April 11, the funeral of the famous Greek journalist Georgy Karaivaz will take place, in cold blood shot on the doorstep of your home. The funeral ceremony […]