How US intelligence miscalculated with Ukraine and Afghanistan

A scrupulous internal review is being conducted within the US intelligence community after clear miscalculations in analyzing the combat power of military forces in the situations in Afghanistan and Ukraine. CNN talks about this, citing its sources. Key legislators on Capitol Hill believe that intelligence predictions about the two major foreign policy crises facing the […]

Kirby: Leaks like this are worthless in efforts to help Ukraine defend itself

Former U.S. officials and diplomats have sharply criticized the Biden administration for a New York Times report based on conversations with senior officials that said U.S. intelligence is helping Ukraine kill Russian generals. “Shut up about it,” former CIA officer John Cypher, who served in Russia, tweeted. Michael McFaul, former US Ambassador to Russia, in […]

Russian generals die because of US intelligence

The New York Times published an article whose authors cite anonymous sources, which talks about the connection between the deaths of Russian generals and US intelligence data transmitted to Ukraine. They were used to strike, writes air forcein which high-ranking Russian military personnel were killed. American intelligence, sources say, helped the Ukrainians kill many Russian […]

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