Insurance Bill: 10 Key Provisions

The draft law of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs entitled “Rationalization of insurance legislation, support for vulnerable social groups and other provisions”, according to parliamentary planning, has been submitted to parliament for consideration. According to a briefing from the Ministry of Labor, the provisions included in the bill focus on four areas: financial […]

Theft of car catalysts: does the insurance company compensate for the damage

With catalytic converter thefts on the rise, vehicle owners need to know when they will receive compensation from their insurance company. The scope of thefts from parked cars in recent months has reached epidemic proportions due to the highly valuable metals contained in catalysts – palladium, rhodium and platinum. This, of course, alarmed the owners […]

Insurance debt: 10 year limit and regulation

The new draft law of the Greek Ministry of Labor, which will be presented for discussion in August, provides for a limit of ten years of insurance debts and the possibility of paying them in installments, in 24 installments. The proposed rules relate to a regime for managing insurance debts along the same lines as […]

Insurance companies have notified the termination of insurance of liners, but the sky over Ukraine remains open

Due to the risk of hostilities, insurance companies have warned Ukraine about the termination of aircraft insurance and demand that the aircraft be returned to the EU quickly. The CEO of the Ukrainian SKYUP, in particular, announced the cessation of ticket sales for flights from 14 to 16 February. However, the president’s office is not […]