October 1 at Irodio Ballet "Giselle" performed by the ballet troupe of the National Opera Theater of Odessa

In ancient Herodio there will be a grandiose performance of classical ballet. The ballet and orchestra of the Odessa National Opera, as part of a full troupe of 150 people and as part of a pan-European tour that began in July in the Netherlands, come to Athens to present Adolf Adam’s masterpiece “Giselle”. Giselle is […]

September 25 Chopin’s heart beats at Irodio

Frederic Chopin’s heart will beat in Herodium on Sunday 25 September 2022, to his most beautiful melodies. We will hear the most iconic and famous First Piano Concerto in E minor, which the composer wrote at the age of 20, inspired by his love for the young Constance, and presented it at the farewell at […]

6|09|22 soloists of the Vienna Opera in Irodio

The Vienna Mozart Orchestra performs for the first time at the ancient Herodio Theater with works by Mozart and Viennese waltzes. TUESDAY 6 SEPTEMBER 2022 / HERODIO Take a musical journey to Vienna: the orchestra will present their performances in original costumes from the era in which the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived and […]