Smart home voucher

A program to subsidize (by issuing a voucher) the installation of smart electricity meters and connection to fiber optic networks, followed by a certificate, has been approved by the Ministry of Digital Governance, according to an amendment submitted to Parliament. The Smart Readiness project (“Ετοιμότητα Υποδομών για Εξυπνα Κτίρια”) with a budget of 100 million […]

The high price of sanctions against Russia: “Thermal insulation of walls, doors and windows, washing clothes in cold water”

The price of anti-Russian sanctions will be very heavy for the Greek people, who will have to use all available means of saving to survive the coming winter. The Mitsotakis government is suggesting that we “isolate unused areas in our homes, close doors and windows, wash clothes in a washing machine at low temperatures, and […]