The base with the numbers of 500 million users of WhatsApp put up for sale. Among them were contacts of 617 thousand Greeks

Users of the popular messaging app WhatsApp are in trouble as hackers recently released a database for sale that includes the phone numbers of 487 million active users, according to a report by Cyber ​​News. This means that about a quarter of WhatsApp’s 2 billion users are at risk of having their number fall into […]

How to find out what your phone "hacked"

You can learn about the hacking of your gadget and possible tracking by the Internet traffic and the changed “behavior” of the smartphone. There are several signs that the gadget has been hacked, which even a non-specialist can see. First of all, this is his unusual state, says Artur Karapetov, teacher at Synergy Academy, Product […]

Hackers hacked the archive of Thessaloniki municipality

The hackers broke into the archive of the municipality of Thessaloniki, whose services are trying to restore its functions. This is a digital ransomware attack (a practice that is increasingly used) in which attackers infiltrate a system and block critical functions, preventing the owner from using it. The digital robbers sent a message to the […]

Colonial Pipeline paid hackers $ 5 million

Cyberattacked Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline operator in the United States, paid hackers from Eastern Europe almost $ 5 million in cryptocurrency. informs Bloomberg agency citing sources. According to the agency, the specified amount was paid within hours after the attack on the company’s systems was carried out. “After receiving the payment, the hackers provided […]