Next "bomb"that will undermine the health of the population

The so-called “latent pandemic”, the possible source of the next health crisis, as British scientists warn, are antibiotic-resistant infections. It is reported that one in five people who had circulatory infections in 2020 in the UK did not respond to antibiotics. In anticipation of winter, scientists warn that the number of infections of this kind […]

Doctors’ application to “freeze” compulsory vaccination rejected

The Council of State responded “No” to a request for a temporary suspension by doctors and hospital staff with the aim of “freezing” the decision on the mandatory introduction of vaccinations. The Office of the Directorate General of the Council of Europe (Γ´ θερινό τμήμα του ΣτΕ), chaired by Vice President Ms Constantinidou, rejected four […]

Unvaccinated in the healthcare system

More than 20,000 unvaccinated health workers ΕΣΥ 5 days before the mandatory deadline. As of August 16, the number of receptions of the population as a whole has doubled. Five days before the national health system’s mandatory vaccination deadline (September 1), thousands of hospital and primary care workers remain unvaccinated. According to the newspaper “Katimerini”, […]

60% full in intensive care units nationwide

The pressure on the Greek health care system and, in particular, on the intensive care units-Covid is growing at an alarming rate. Haralambos Gogos, professor of pathology and member of the Committee of Epidemiologists, presented at a Ministry of Health briefing today, the country’s intensive care unit occupancy is 60% and the average number of […]

MyHealth: How The New Digital Health Booklet Works

The new MyHealth application allows citizens to always have an electronic health book at hand, which can be stored … on their phone. The digital MyHealth application, presented yesterday to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, at this first stage of work provides access to prescriptions and directions for tests, diagnostics. MyHealth features: • You can manage […]

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