What do most Greeks die from?

Greek Statistical Bureau Hellenic Statistics (ELSTAT) published a new report on the causes of death of citizens registered in the country. The data is derived from death certificates submitted in 2019 by physicians and, in cases of violent or sudden death, by forensic services. The first key element is that deaths increased by 3.9% in […]

Minimum wages: second increase in 2022

According to Imerisia, the plan, which is currently on the government’s table, envisages the start of the planning procedure during January. The second increase in the minimum wage comes after a 2% increase (which was done on New Year’s Eve), bringing it to 663 euros. Since the relevant law stipulates that the process of adjusting […]

Digitalization: distance divorce, e-re-registration of real estate and 4 other digital applications

The digital government ministry has ready-made applications that are expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, including remote (electronic) divorce and other “time-consuming” things that can now be done easily and easily thanks to digitalization. So, what new digital services will immediately “invade” our lives? 1. Judicial board (Πινάκιο της δίκης). According to […]

One in ten people often experience abdominal pain

According to a new international scientific study, about 11% of the world’s population, one in ten people, often experience stomach pain while eating (more than half of the cases). The problem is more common in women (13%) than in men (9%), as well as in young people between the ages of 18 and 28 (15%). […]

Police brutally dispersed protesters against wind farms in Tinos

At least seven people, including the elderly, were injured during the dispersal of a protest against the installation of wind turbines on the island of Tinos. Hundreds of locals gathered at the island’s port early Wednesday morning, waiting for trailers to transport wind turbine components and cranes to install them, arriving by ferry from the […]

DEFEA 2021: success exceeded all expectations

The international exhibition of the defense industry DEFEA – Defense Exhibition Athens-2021, which was held in the ultra-modern exhibition and conference center Metropolitan Expo from 13 to 15.07.21, ended with an absolute success. The Metropolitan Expo’s exhibition space was a key factor in the success of the event, as its state-of-the-art infrastructure, rigorous standards, health […]

WHO urges: “Do not give up masks!”

The World Health Organization recalls that the epidemic continues to increase the number of deaths and recommends not to give up masks. From July 19, the UK plans to lift all covid restrictions, including masks and social distancing. This step has caused fierce controversy among physicians, scientists, and the media. Wouldn’t this be a fatal […]

Eurovision: Italy became the winner of the international competition

Maneskin from Italy with a hard rock song Zitti e Buoni won the Eurovision 2021 competition held in Rotterdam. The results of the vote by the national jury and spectators were announced on the night of Sunday 23 May. This is the first victory of Italy after 1990; in total, in the history of the […]

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