The tax authorities are interested in the income of the widow of G. Tragas: the bank accounts and property are seized

Events in the case of freezing the assets of the deceased Georgios Tragas – a journalist, politician and owner of a TV channel – are developing rapidly. According to Alpha, the Office for Combating Money Laundering has begun seizing all of the widow’s personal property. In other words, the authorities will go through the property […]

Georgios Tragas was seen off on his last journey

The last farewell to Georgios Tragas was held at the Panagia Eleftterotria church in Kifissia today, December 16. The well-known journalist and leader of the ΚΕΛΑΝ (Κίνημα “Ελεύθεροι Άνθρωποι”) party Georgios Tragas died at the age of 72, fighting the coronavirus for many days. In addition to the relatives and friends of the deceased, Grigoris […]