Elliniko: "smart city"

The implementation of the project to develop a smart city development strategy for Elliniko and Lamda Development was carried out by the Deloitte group in collaboration with AFRY and a team of specialized consultants. The project concerns, as stated in the Deloitte announcement, the provision of state-of-the-art consulting services and innovative business models, which will […]

Elliniko: pre-sales of villas and apartments in the tower exceeded all expectations

According to Constantina Karatopuzi, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Lamda Development, the beautification work for Europe’s largest neighborhood, Elliniko, is progressing at a rapid pace. As K. Karatopuzi stated in her speech at the Money Business Awards 2021, the foundation of the first tasks has already been laid, as well as the development of large […]

Elliniko skyscraper presentation

The Elliniko project continues and Lamda Development intends to present the impressive Marina Tower skyscraper. Through a special website www.theellinikon.com.gr, where online presentations on the progress of the project will be held, each citizen will have the opportunity to keep abreast of all events, as well as the parameters of the project. Plan Elliniko transformations […]

Elliniko: a new countdown has begun, the first 9 projects

The countdown to work on the largest urban renewal project in Europe has already begun. On Friday 25 June, the department’s first installment of 300 million euros will be paid to Ελληνικό Δημόσιο, together with a letter of guarantee ΤΑΙΠΕΔ (State Property Development Fund of Greece) in the amount of 347 million. The aim is […]

In Elliniko "work is in full swing"

Another step towards starting the implementation of the investment in Elliniko is the new decision of the State Council ΣτΕ. At a regular meeting, ΣτΕ reportedly rejected allegations of the alleged transfer of public places (κοινόχρηστων χώρων) to private management. Thus, the management body of utilities will be legally controlled by most of the municipalities […]

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