Greece: Weekend weather increases wildfire risk

Dangerous conditions for starting wildfires are expected to prevail in several regions of Greece over the weekend, she said. meteorological service The National Observatory of Athens in its latest forecast on Friday. Young firefighters, mostly under the age of 30, from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Romania, Norway and Finland will be based in Athens, Larisa and […]

A video was leaked on social networks where the mayor of Sparta boasted about how he bribed voters

The minister for agricultural development in the Mitsotakis government was forced to resign, and the former deputy finance minister in the Karamanlis government, now the mayor of the city of Sparta, was expelled from the ruling New Democracy on Monday. The reason for the “drastic action” was a video showing the minister, the mayor and […]

The report predicted destruction from fires …

Experts offer solutions for fighting forest fires, but their proposals remain under the carpet. The German professor’s report describes what led to the tragedy in Mati and how it could have been avoided. Dr. Gabriel Xanthopoulos is one of six expert scholars of the independent committee on the prospects for combating forest and rural fires […]

Certificate of complete incapacity

The indignation of the inhabitants of North Evia, who are now fighting in the forests and mountains to save their villages, is fully justified. Ignoring the persuasion of the authorities, they refused to leave their homes. The rage of these people is directly proportional to the catastrophe that erupted in the northern part of the […]

Ukraine sent 100 firefighters to Greece

One hundred firefighters from Ukraine arrived in Athens on Saturday to help eliminate forest fires in the country, according to the Ukrainian Embassy in Greece. The group of firefighters at the airport of Athens was met personally by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece. According to the Ukrainian embassy, ​​Ukrainian firefighters were sent […]

Greece: the military began to help firefighters

The military was mobilized Thursday morning (?!) to assist the fire brigade as several firefronts spiraled out of control, burning thousands of hectares of forest and destroying homes, businesses, and farmland. At a press briefing, Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos talked about how the military will help prevent wildfires, “given the critical situation in […]

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